Hi there,
I'm rendering the last 30 second segment of my project (or at least trying to right now). This section is an outdoor view of the building where I have a default black scene on the XZ Plane 120 inches under the asphalt. The video starts viewing towards the YZ Plane then it zooms back along the X axis and then bolts out to a diagonal downward view (-X,+Y,-Z). I have been unable to render even an image at the start so far and am assuming from what I read it is because there is no scene behind it. So I am going to work out different scenes to solve this for different segments, but what I'm concerned about is that diagonal view.

What I am asking is if there is a known range of background (i.e. dimensions of coverage) or if it is infinite to that plane? And with that, if anyone has advice for how to take car of the transition from on view to another and making sure the background is still there.

Thanks for the help! And I'm sure the computers will thank you when they stop freezing!