I have a new issue that I am unsure what to do about.
This has never occurred with previous version of ACAD and this is the first time I created data links with Autocad 2012, and I am using the same procedure that I have successfully used in the past.

I have data tables linked to excel spreadsheets. I used the "TABLE" button on the ANNOTATE ribbon to place the table, and the layout of the cells assumes the layout of the excel spreadsheet, which is what I want.

As long as I don't Scale the table, I can Update the data table links just fine.

However when I scale the table and then update table links, the table layout changes drastically, and is undesirable.

I have tried locking the cells' but that will not fix the problem.
I want to keep the layout of the table that is assumed when I place the table originally. Is there any way to lock it as such?

Please any help would be greatly appreciated.