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    Exclamation Cannot Open Revit File to Export

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    Firstly, I am using the trial version. I'm not working in revit I only need to export.

    I got the structural open by checking "detach from central" I still need to know how to set the 0,0,0.

    I need to convert Revit files to AutoCAD MEP so I can check my mechanical piping against the structure and Architecture before posting. The architecture and structure is in Revit. When I open any Revit from the project the file first upgrades to the latest file format, which is a slow process. After that the architecture seems to work fine. I'm not an expert on Revit but the Navisworks version of the drawing seems to produce a AutoCAD model without a lot of the 2D junk with it. I'm having a problem of getting the 0,0,0 fixed so it will xref correctly in my cad drawing.

    When it comes to the structural I can't even open the drawing. It does the upgrade. I then get a "Copied Central Meodel" pop up. It states that if I do not save it will become a local file. I'm guessing this doesn't matter since I can't save anyways. I click close since that is the only option. I then get a "Upgrading Local File" pop up, I hit close again because it's the only option.

    I think this is were the problems start. I get "error-Cannot be ignored," it says, "Can't obtain permission to edit the element: The Central Model is inaccessible. You can check out worksets at risk, but consider carefully!" If I hit expand I get an option to export, but I don't know what that means. There is also an area that shows the error as being two concrete-rectangular Beam1 : 8 x 53 1/4 : id 466455 and id 467289.

    If I hit cancel another screen comes up that says load cancelled.

    I got the structural open by checking "detach from central" I still need to know how to set the 0,0,0.
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