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    Another comment regarding usage of SCRIPT command in prompt mode – if you will name the script using drawing’s name (i.e. Move.DWG & Move.SCR) and place them on the same folder, then when issue the command, the default value will be constructed based on drawing’s name, so you will not have to type the path; just hit <Enter> and the show will begin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcclarion View Post
    do i haw to turn off all the other layers ( related to circles ) or leave them on .. ?
    i tried both solution and in try1 where i turned off all the layers layer5 only pop up and stay .. no other layer is shown
    If you're still interested. both the codes i posted can be modified to do just that. the sequence will all depend on your imagination.
    If you want the ball to "remain", just comment this line [on post #9]
    (rolling delay)
    ;; (hide lnm 2)
    or if you want to it to leave a trail.
    (defun c:Roll  (/ hide Rolling Delay n)
          (initget 7)
          (setq delay (getint "\nEnter Delay factor: "))
          (defun hide  (ln mode)
                (setq ss (ssget "_X" (list (cons 8 ln))))
                (repeat (setq i (sslength ss))
                      (redraw (ssname ss (setq i (1- i))) mode)))
          (defun Rolling  (prcnt)
                (repeat prcnt
                      (setq prcnt_1 (1+ prcnt))
                      (prompt "\r|") (prompt "\r/")
                      (prompt "\r|") (prompt "\r\\")
          (setq n 0)
          (hide "ROLL-*" 2)
          (repeat 29
                (setq lnm (strcat "Roll-" (itoa (setq n (1+ n)))))
                (hide lnm 1)
                (rolling delay)
               (hide lnm 3)
         (hide "Roll-29" 1)
        (setq n 0)
        (repeat 29
              (setq lnm (strcat "Roll-" (itoa (setq n (1+ n)))))
              (hide lnm 2)
              (rolling (/ delay 2))
        (hide "Roll-29" 4)(hide "Roll-29" 2)(hide "Roll-29" 1)
    Try that and see how it looks. As for the Freeze/Thaw approach. the code can be modified to accept list of layers for the _FTLayer sub.
    Thing is, the "animation" is only limited by your imagination mcclarion.

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