The code below actually works. It sets up my acLayout limits and then sets up a new page for me in the Page Setup Manager.

However, it sets up my acLayout limits on the paperspace tab (which I want) but it creates the new Page Manager page on the modelspace tab (which I don’t want).

I can’t seem to see any reason for this to take place.

Can any of you plotting gurus help me understand what I did wrong and how I can create the new page in the Page Setup Manager in my paperspace tab to go along with its setup?

Option Explicit
Public Sub CreatePageSetup()
MsgBox "            DONE"
End Sub
Private Sub Create_24x36()
******************** SET UP NEW PLOT LAYOUT LIMITS
ThisDrawing.ActiveSpace = acPaperSpace
Dim NewLowerX As Variant
Dim NewLowerY As Variant
Dim NewUpperX As Variant
Dim NewUpperY As Variant
Dim sysVarName As String
Dim xymin As Variant
Dim xymax As Variant
NewLowerX = 0#
NewLowerY = 0#
NewUpperX = 36#
NewUpperY = 24#
sysVarName = "LIMMIN"
    xymin = ThisDrawing.GetVariable(sysVarName)
sysVarName = "LIMMAX"
    xymax = ThisDrawing.GetVariable(sysVarName)
xymin(0) = NewLowerX: xymin(1) = NewLowerY
xymax(0) = NewUpperX: xymax(1) = NewUpperY
ThisDrawing.PaperSpace.Layout.SetWindowToPlot xymin, xymax
********************** CREATE NEW PLOT LAYOUT 
Dim D_PlotSize As String
D_PlotSize = "User2314" '<---------------- Use PlotPaperSizeNames.dvb to ascertain this value
Dim TempName As String
TempName = "SCI 24x36 (LANDSCAPE)"
Dim PlotLayoutConfig_24x36 As AcadLayout
Set PlotLayoutConfig_24x36 = ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout
Dim PlotConfigs_24x36 As AcadPlotConfigurations
Set PlotConfigs_24x36 = ThisDrawing.PlotConfigurations
Dim PlotConfig_24x36 As AcadPlotConfiguration
Set PlotConfig_24x36 = PlotConfigs_24x36.Add(TempName, True)
    With PlotConfig_24x36
        PlotLayoutConfig_24x36.ShowPlotStyles = False
        PlotLayoutConfig_24x36.ConfigName = "MyPlotter"
        PlotLayoutConfig_24x36.StyleSheet = "MyCTB"
        PlotLayoutConfig_24x36.CanonicalMediaName = D_PlotSize
        PlotLayoutConfig_24x36.PlotType = acLayout
        'PlotLayoutConfig_24x36.CenterPlot = True
        PlotLayoutConfig_24x36.StandardScale = ac1_1
        PlotLayoutConfig_24x36.PaperUnits = acInches
        PlotLayoutConfig_24x36.PlotWithPlotStyles = True
        PlotLayoutConfig_24x36.PlotViewportsFirst = True
        PlotLayoutConfig_24x36.PlotRotation = ac0degrees
    End With
ThisDrawing.Regen acAllViewports
************************** LOAD THE AVAILABLE "CanonicalMediaNames" 
End Sub
Private Sub GoGetCanonicalMediaNames()
Dim PaperSize As String
Dim MediaNames As Variant
Dim i As Integer
ThisDrawing.ActiveSpace = acPaperSpace
MediaNames = ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout.GetCanonicalMediaNames
For i = LBound(MediaNames) To UBound(MediaNames)
If StrComp(ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout.GetLocaleMediaName(MediaNames(i)), PaperSize, vbTextCompare) = 0 Then
ThisDrawing.ActiveLayout.CanonicalMediaName = MediaNames(i)
End If
End Sub