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    Default Warped Image when rendering on a curved surface

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    I do a ton of rendering for my work. We have many curved surfaces within our product line. My problem is that, A lot of times my materials (jpeg's) warp and blur when added to a curve. My guess is it has something to do with the UCS orientation because if i rotate the curve to be parralell with the current UCS, the material shows up how it should, Until i change the UCS back to world.

    Same Image material, Surface on left is curved and surface on right is flat.
    whats going on here?

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    1. Keep it aligned with the WCS
    2. Apply the texture
    3. Make it a block
    4. NOW rotate.

    As a block, the entity has its own "independent" WCS now. But if you explode it, it would return to the global WCS and get messed up! (See the last box below)


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