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    Angry Plotting / Publishing

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    AutoCAD was unintalled and reinstalled on same computer. Our IT guy thought that would help fix my crashing problems. It kinda did.... before this was done I could Publish multiable layout tabs to PDF and to the plotter/printer. We use our own setup for the PDF and potter. These have been reinstalled. te setup is the same as other computers in the office and they work fine. I can now only publish to PDF. i have to print the layout tabs one at a time, I cannot batch plot multiable tabs.

    When i go to publish the Publish Dialog box alwas comes up and is set on Pblish to...DWF format. Before it always came up..Pottler named in page setup.

    Can i set that to the Plotter named in the page setup and have it stay that way?

    When I swithc it to the plotter named in page setup it will plot to PDF but not paper?

    Any help with setting AutoCAD back up so i can Publish mulitable tabs to paper would be great.


    Got it fixed.
    We had a few patches that needed to be reinstalled and now everything works just fine.
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