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    Default AutoCad and Revit Vs Chief Architect

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    Hi Guys
    Just got back from a mates office, Architects, and they have just started using Chief Architect, I must say it looks very good. They were using Revit for a short while but seemed to think the whole thing was too steep a learning curve.
    They reckoned they were up and running with Chief in around a month.
    As I am still agonizing over which way to go, I have also had a look at Archicad.
    I was wondering what thoughts you guys had, and if anybody here has had anything to do with Chief Architect and would like to share their experience.

    Cheers D

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    Does anybody know anything about Chief Architect?
    I would like a comparison between Revit and Archicad.
    Is there anyone that has used this program and maybe either Revit Or Archicad and can give me their views.
    Thamks Guys

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    Yes, Revit is over kill if all you are doing is residential and or light commercial. I have played with older version of CA and it is fine if you are doing cookie cutter houses and structures. I am not sure if current versions allow for more custom designs but it might. $2,400 CA is about half of a Revit Suite price so that might have played a role in their decision as well. I have seen some nice images produced with CA so it seems to be a usable application.
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