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    Default ok

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    that is what happen when i did that ... when i put the blocks files inside my current file it appeared to be like 1000 bigger ... so i did that command and i kept pressing enter ... both of them got smaller -.-

    i did try to scale the block file by -DWGUNITS then copied it to my file (( i usualy just click on meter and keep pressing enter till it go away )) i realized its the same i mean still huge ...
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    Can't you just use sc and scale the blocks by 0.001?

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    If you want your drawing units to be meters then you should enter 6 at the commandline.
    It looks from the screenshot like your drawing units are inches, which is what the number <1> represents.
    Your insertions scale should be the same as your drawing scale.

    Your wanting the drawing to be METRIC doesn't make it so.
    It appears that you have created your Metric drawing on an Imperial template.
    When creating a METRIC drawing you should choose a template which ends with iso,
    if it does not say iso at the end, then it is an Imperial drawing units data base template.

    The information and prompts provided at the commandline are meant to guide, not annoy you,
    and every time you press a button you are feeding the software information, good or bad, for better or worse.
    Computers aren't smart, they're fast. It is the operator's responsibility to be smart and attentive.
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