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    Default PDF Clip

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    I am trying to use the PDFCLIP command to clip an underlayed PDF. The problem is, I am trying to clip multiple sections from this PDF and am struggling to do so.
    I select the underlay, select Create Clipping Boundary, select the polyline I want to use and invert it and it clips out the area. When I try to do this again, it won't let me keep the existing boundary and create another one. It seems like I can only crop one area at a time?
    Hopefully this makes sense and any help would be appreciated!

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    I belive you are correct in that you can only clip a pdf once. What you need to do is draw a polyline that goes around both areas in one continous go. Imagine drawing the outline of a dumb bell without moving the pen off the paper. Note however the lines mustn't touch, you have to keep a very small gap. Not perfect but it's the only way I can think of doing it.

    The alternative is to use a wipeout to block out what you don't want.

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