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    Angry Auto Save Glitch AutoCAD 2012

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    Has anyone ever noticed that the AutoSave feature will sometimes uncheck itself and most of the time not work correctly, i.e. if AutoCAD crashes it will not allow you to load the automatically saved file and you lose all of your work between each hard save? Is there a way to fix this?

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    The Publish command is known to set SAVETIME (the sysvar that controls how often and/or IF, autosave fires) to 0 - which turns it off.

    But it could be something else too. Go here to find some lisp code that you can load, that will tell you when SAVETIME changes.
    At least this way, you'll know that it has changed and may be able to fix whatever is doing it.

    But more importantly, get into the habit of pressing Ctrl+S more often while you're working, and chances are you won't need your autosave files.
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    We have the same issue. Not sure if its the publish command or a combination of a few things. Have not been able to pin point the cause. I just save often and I have a button on my mouse set for the save command. I also check the auto save command a about once every couple days and reset it.

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