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    Default Changing Dimension Decimal Places

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    My professor wants all of our dimensions to have 2 decimals places except for a few that he wants to have 3 decimal places. How do I change those few to have 3 places while everything else has 2?

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    Type dimstyle and look around.
    I show my students how to create a Template with all the dimension styles they will need pre-set.
    You can also right click on a dimension after creation and set Precision.
    If you use the second method you can use the Match Properties to avoid having to individually set precisions - just set one dimension for each different precision and then Match Properties after dimensioning all the rest.
    Attach your file here if you can't figure it out.

    Whatever you do - don't turn in any drawing with the AutoCAD default 4 decimal places unless the feature a very tight (read expensive) tolerance. In my experience most machinist cannot even measure reliably to 4 dec (inch) or 3 dec (mm) places.
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