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    Default Dynamic piping blocks - inserting and linking a flange block to a pipe block.

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    Hi New to dynamic blocks and need a little help. I have created d/blocks for my different pipe sizes i.e one block with a dropdown to select the different sizes and have done the same for my flanges. now how do I link / insert the flange d/block to the piping block so that I can export the information into a material list later on.

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    Tools>Data Extraction Follow the instructions by creating a new .dxe file. When choosing the which object to grab the data from choose your dynamic block, from here it asks you to choose which items are to be extracted, your vibility state should be in there. From there uncheck all other boxes. You will then be prompted to choose an Excel output or a chart directly in your CAD file (or both). From here it will give you a quantity of each visibility type.

    In the attached example our switch block is named 1120, and we renamed our visibility state to switch type.
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