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    Default xref'd Architecture models not displaying as expected

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    I have to overlay my building model over a site model and have done this using xref but when I select the display configuration to get the view of the building I want it doesn't appear. If I copy the wall types into the plan file they work correctly. I only use the 'presentation' and 'high detail' options which are ones I've edited to what I need. How do I get them to appear the test plan file as they do in the test model file.

    I've stripped down the attached files to better help explain the issue. The test model is xref'd into the test plan file. If you change the display configuration to high detail the walls disappear in the test plan file. (Grrr I can't upload the files at the moment.)

    Any help appreciated.

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    I will take a stab at it, even though I am not sure I fully understand your problem. If you go into drawing utilitys < drawing set up. go to the display tab. you will se a check box at the bottom. "when used as an xref overlay, use this drawings display default display configuration initially. See what happens when you change the setting?

    Other wise I think you are asking how to copy a display configuration to another drawing. I think you know that so that is probably not your question.

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