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    Default TEMP Routing Preference

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    I'm using 2014 MEP AutoCAD to model storm pipe. Every time I try to add pipe there is a prompt wanting me to choose a part. I've been able to get rid of it by going into the routing preference and purging a preference that reads "_TEMP_Cast Iron Soil Pipe - No Hub fittings." I already have that no hub set up without the "TEMP" in front of it. when I purge it I can then create my pipe with out the prompt. However after I create the one section of pipe I think it creates the TEMP preference again, which makes me repeat this process. How can I get autoCAD to stop making these TEMP routing Preferences?

    I have noticed that this doesn't occur in every drawing. I have started work on another floor and I do not have the same problem.
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    I have experienced the exact same problem and have NO idea why it happens. It only happens once in awhile and the solution is as you described. I have found that when I delete the "Temp" system, it doesn't happen again for awhile. I'd love to know what causes this extremely annoying issue. But, then again, I'd love to have a lot of answers to why AutoCad is so powerful but so bloody frustrating. I hope someone here can help!

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    try opening a new drawing, and draw a the pipe you are describing at any length. Then copy and paste this pipe into your drawing, it should bring along the Cast Iron Soil Pipe preference.

    Otherwise, you can go into style manager and copy and paste the routing preferences from the new drawing into the drawing you are having problems with. Havent found a better workaround.

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