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    Quote Originally Posted by Snownut View Post
    There's a bunch more two letter shortcuts like that (sorry I don't have a list), just as a precaution the OP should test for the existance of any particular two letter shortcut prior to naming a LISP function with a two letter name.
    Defining AutoLISP commands using existing command aliases does not cause a problem (other than the user may not receive the command they were expecting when issuing the alias).

    For example, I can safely write the following program even though 'L' is the standard alias for the LINE command:
    (defun c:L ( )
        (princ "\nHa! I bet you were expecting the LINE command...")
    The problems arise if an AutoLISP program attempts to redefine the full command name without issuing a call to the UNDEFINE command first, for example:
    (defun c:LINE ( )
    It is unrealistic to expect a developer to ensure that a defined AutoLISP command does not clash with any existing aliases as command aliases are not fixed and may be added & amended on a per user basis.

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    Back to Nobull re-read 1st post a lisp can live anywhere the user has read access to on local or networks just use full path name F:\mystuff\inthere also\about\now biglisp.lsp may need \\ to work properly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobull84 View Post
    I was given this style of line and told it would do such a thing but I must still be doing something wrong
    Why do you think you are doing something wrong? I don't see where you explained what you did and what the results were to evaluate this. Maybe you could share a bit more of what you have actually done with what you were given. E.g., Did you actually find the master list? Is that what you are showing us? Did you try adding something to it? Etc.

    BTW, I think you are expected to use Code tags for LISP, not use HTML tags.
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