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    Default Navis and CAD integrated

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    This guy in my industry has his Navis integrated into cad so that it is a window in cad so that he draws then jumps to that window and flies around. He can't remember exactly he got it set up and he's too busy right now but he did mention something about the .arx files.

    Has anyone else out there done this?
    It's insane how fast he can move through huge, complex models.

    Apparently Autodesk will have this integrated within the next 2 or 3 releases but I think we could all benefit from this now!!!

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    This would nice!
    I'm trying to figure out how easily export AutoCAD MEP 2014 to Navis .nwd or .nwc??
    Now I have to save open in AC2014 the nwcout, open navis then open dwg.
    also can't refresh anymore with regular ac 2014?

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    You can't export as NWD from AutoCAD, only NWC.

    What I've found to be the best setup is with a dual-monitor configuration, have AutoCAD MEP on one monitor and Navisworks Manage (not Freedom) on another. NWCOUT and overwrite the same NWC and go over to Navisworks and hit the F5 key to refresh the changes. The key is to set the Navisworks Settings upon export, which is a one time step. Go to Model > Performance > On Load, and check the box labeled "Close NWC/NWD files on load" which will allow constant overwriting of the exported file. If this is unchecked, Navisworks keeps the file open and it cannot be overwritten.

    But if you have Navisworks Freedom, then all you have is the Viewer and cannot open NWC in the native format, however there's a workaround. Export, or "Publish" to DWFx and you CAN open that file in Navisworks Freedom. I used to do that a lot before I had the full version of Navisworks because I do agree with the original poster (which is an eight year old post BTW) that Navisworks, even all these years later, is a superior program for 3D navigation.

    Hope this helps.
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