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    Default How do I convert a 'dynamic' furniture block to standard object

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    Once I have selected all my seating, dining and bed sizes and seat numbers dynamically from a block dropdown list, how do I convert them to standard drawing elements.

    When I go to export my floorplan to DWG/DXF for import into Illustrator I get all the different furniture objects all pile don top of each other. Such as a chair, loveseat, 3 cushion and 4 cushion all centered on top of each other.

    I would like to collapse all the 'smart', 'dynamic', 'parametric' elements out so I get what I am looking at, not all the hidden drawings that make up the dynamic selection.

    Would love to do this globally, or with selection set but can do individually if need be. Explode does not work (even with 'allow explode' on for the block) And going into block editor and changing visibility of all other unwanted blocks doesn't get rid of them either.


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    Welcome to the forum, Ron. When you say Explode does not work, do you mean you are unable to Explode the blocks, even with the explode option allowed? Something sounds amiss there.

    BTW, if you are able to upload the drawing with the blocks you are dealing with, that will likely be the easiest way to solve the problem for you.
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    Default yes, that is what I mean

    I have attached 2 of the pieces. It says I cannot explode these. I am looking at the 'allow explode' checkbox when I hit 'B' command.

    I don't know if I necessarily need to explode them. What I need is for them not to export as all the block versions pile don top of each other.
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    Open the Block in Block Editor and do not select anything, go to Properties and in section Block set Allow Exploding to Yes. Save the changes and explode the blocks when you have them set to where you want, you can explode again if you want or need to.

    See if this thread with some code for exploding blocks from Lee Mac helps. http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showth...654#post359654
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