Hi All
I was wondering if it is possible to insert a part reference "bullseye" on to a 3D object, I would like to use it in my blocks so I can insert the blocked fittings into an piping assembly and have autocad generate a BOM & bubble the objects, but i'm having trouble getting the "bullseye" to attach to any place on my 3D object, i'm sure autocad has some program that would better suit my needs but for the time being we only have straight autocad & autocad mechanical 2012, is there any way to generate BOM's from 3D objects? I do have attrubutes attached to the blocks so I could run a data extraction but I would like to have item bubbles tags as well. i'm fairly new at this company and I know they have used inventor in the past not sure why they gravatited away from it but there must be a better method to make BOM's & bubble items than the way it's being done now.

Thanks for the help