Hey Everyone

Software: AutoCAD Mechanical 2014 (Product Suite)

I have been trying to figure out the best way to create a Bill of Materials of my 3D Models for my Company.

My Models are of Piping systems using mainly "Blocks" of Pipe Fittings (ie 1" Tee's, 3/4" 90deg Elbows, etc. from our library) and Custom created "Blocks" of Equipment (ie Tanks, Pumps, Valves, etc.)

I have put together a process of creating BOMs using the "Data Extraction" tool in AutoCAD, but this doesn't seem to be very seamless and kind of clunky. Seems more like a Block Count that lists your Attributes that doesnt update automatically.

I have noticed that utilizing the "Parts Lists" tools I can go into my "Blocks" native .dwg file and turn it into a "Part" and when I insert it into my Model it brings the "Part" information with it. (Which is a step towards what I want)

The difference between the two that I am getting confused with is that the DATA EXTRACTION, while clunky, allows me to define my ATTRIBUTES. Then when I create my BOM it will filter the differences between all the blocks attributes, but like I said CLUNKY overall.
And with the PARTS LIST tools, it only seems to allow me to go into my block .dwg make it a PART and those characteristics are the only thing the parts list will filter through without taking into account differences in my attributes.

My attributes are needed because I may have two (2) 90deg Elbows in my Model that have PART characteristics of 1" 316ss but have different material spec (1) SFT4 and (1) SFT1 (these are attributes I define when I bring the block in).

I REALLY want to use the PARTS LIST Tools to create BOMs and add bubbles (Data Extraction doesn't do bubbles) but I cant seem to find a way to have the PARTS LIST decipher between the two TEES (or whatever blocks I am using).

I can only see a solution, in this (2) tees example, of having to separate "Blocks" in my Library. If I do this my IT department will start asking for Server Space because it will get BIG quick. "Giggity"

Is their a way for the PARTS LIST to decipher between Attributes and take them into account. Or am I overlooking an option that is right there but cant see...

Thank you for any answers or suggestions in advance.