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    Default Penn Foster Structural Project (Not the Elective)

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    I know there are threads for this project and I have looked through many of them. I am at the beginning and these instructions are confusing to me. I set the Units to what PF asks for but it does not stipulate as to what units to scales to (inches, feet, etc.), then at Style it asks for text height to be set at 0.00; and the text width set at 1.00. I have done that part and it keeps changing back to 0'-0" and 1.000000. Why does that keep changing back? I do have Annotative box checked. Please help, I really wan to complete this and be done with the whole thing.

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    It is doing what it is supposed to do. The characters shown in the height field are merely representing the units format as set. The width factor is a scale factor (percentage of full width). They are still zero and one.

    Worry about scaling when it is time to print something out.

    I didn't know PF had a clue what annotative is for. If they didn't ask for it, un-check it. Annotative text and dimensions are complicated enough without having PF involved.
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