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    Question Multileaders and Layout Space Text Height

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    We're looking at implementing multileaders instead of quleaders in my office, and so I've been tasked with figuring out how to do it (being as I am the least senior, most peon-ish person in my department).

    I've messed with them before, so I mostly have it figured out. There is one thing that eludes me- despite much Googling and AutoCADding for Dummies and (the most worthless of all) AutoCAD's F1.

    My question is: when mleaders are annotative, where do you set the 'paper space text height'? I know I can change the model space text height (among other things) through Properties, but that seems to defeat the purpose of having annotative properties.
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    The text height is governed by the text style you are using. You will need to great an annotative text style first. Then in the MLeader Style Manager, pick the MLeader you want to modify, go to the Content tab, pick the MText option in the Multileader type pull down menu. A whole bunch of options will then appear. Under Text Options, browse to the Text style you want to use. The Text Height option should default to the text height you chose when you created your Text style. I'm assuming that if your Text style is not annotative, the Text height option will not be grayed out.


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