I am currently working with Map 3D 2013, and have a question regarding Geodetic Transformation types...why they are created, and how they are used.

I need to convert data from WGS84_TM16 to Bessel1841_TM18 (MGI-M). I have created Projected Coordinate Systems for both the TM16 and TM18. Then, using the Task Pane\Map Explorer\Query method, I have attached the TM16 DWG and converted it to the TM18 system. However, I am not sure that this worked properly.

So, I also created a Geodetic Transformation definition type between the TM16 and TM18, using a Seven Parameter data conversion method. However, simply put, what now? How is this transformation method in the library now used?

As far as I can tell, the Task Pane\Map Explorer\Query is a straight conversion...not using more detailed settings, such as the Seven Parameter, etc. Is there another option for converting data?

Fairly new to this, so apologies if it results in a simple fix. Thanks for your assistance.