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    Default I am unable to get quick short cut commends by the right clicking the mouse ?

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    Dear sir/madam
    I am learning AutoCAD electrical 2015 but i did't get as seen in the video please help me the first figure is what i am getting by selecting object and then right clicking the mouse, second one is which i have seen in the videos..............what would be the problem please share with me
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    If it's working like my ACADE 2015, it's a bug, sometimes the right click short cut menu pops up when I am trying to right click an object so I can edit it, or when I want the wheel. I hit the space bar and the short cut menu goes away and what I was after comes up.

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    That block on the left is exploded, you can tell from the multiple pick boxes.

    You have to have a acade referenced block or cable color conductor for it to pop the menu up.

    Sometimes conductors wont come up, this has to do with your settings pick reference sizes or something, you can assist yourself by selecting the conductor first before right clicking... If you copied and pasted wires from another page (because you ahve duplicate designs) and the wire layer isnt on the new drawing it also wont pop up. Open your conductor editing lest and then close it, for some reason this ratifies the layers that are supposed to be in the list... dont ask me why.

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