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    Unhappy can't target a line alone during making a surface loft

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    i'm watching a video on youtube of a how to draw a helicopter blade, i understand what is going on in the video, but there is one point i can't follow. right when he starts doing the surface loft.

    I did exactly everything he did until that point, where i can't target the open loop(the line), instead it targets the sketch(3 lines connected to each other).

    I attached my last progress file blade5.SLDPRT .. i'm using solidworks 2015 sp2.1

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    He selects the two endpoints as "profiles" (blue)
    The lines (e.g. length of the blades) are both selected using the "Guide Curve" (Purple) selection tool.

    I think? Thats how I interpret your query
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    If you need a single line from a sketch you need to right click and use "selection manager". I didn't watch the video but im guessing that is the issue.
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