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    Unhappy Multileader Copy and Paste Nolonger Working

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    Multileader copy and paste is no longer working, and I don't know how to make a multi leader that looks like the following:

    (With a circle around the text). I originally copied and pasted it from another drawing, but that is nolonger working. I can click the object (to make it dashed as selected), copy, select start point, enter, but when I click a destination point nothing happens.

    How do I make another one of these?

    (I have AUTOCAD 2013)
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    Open the MLEADERSTYLE dialog box, create a new leader style, under the content tag, use the pull down for Multileader type and pick Block, then below that pick the circle block or use one of your own. Adjust the other parts of the leader to your liking and pick OK. Now do this in your template file, .dwt, and you will have that in any new drawing.
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    Default Thank You RKent

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    I also found that I could not move, delete, mirror, or edit the text of the bubble multileaders I have already, but I was able to click on it, type "Explode" command, and oddly enough this made a copy of it on top of the original that I could move and edit.

    I still haven't figured out how to delete or modify the original ones, but that is okay for me at the moment because the original ones are correct every time I "explode" them it makes a new copy on top of the original one.

    Thank you RKent it is definitely useful to know how to make them now.

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