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No just a plain basic plan nothing fancy no wire pattern and routing
Example do I need to located the main panel and indicate motor needs (volts, amps in a rectangle) and there is also thermowells , spools, pumps and sensors on some of the main pipes.
What is it that I have to indicate (very basics) or I just put the exact panel location period for the electrical contractor

Once again I would like to see something similar in general or do I have to go the extra and indicate all the needs etc etc, because the exercise is not to produce a detailed electrical plan but just a plan layout view pumps, sensors on piping routing and valves along with all the details of the piping connections to main tanks for the water treatment facility and all the dev of the main items for them to cut roll and form all the raw material for the production sub-contractors.

Pardon me for jumping in on this --- but i would say yes you do and the distance between each component so that they can estimate how much wire and what size is need. (just my 2 cents worth)