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    Default Website with free AutoLisp programs and scripts

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    Hello everybody!

    Few programmers (including myself) decided to create a website with free (for now) AutoLisp programs and scripts for Autocad.
    Well, we have few questions to define where to start. Your answers would really help.
    - Do you use programs (scripts) in your work?
    - Which program (script) you would use but do not have.

    Best regards,

    PS Link to website asap
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    My work is associated with architecture,
    so I commonly start by drawing grids, and then associate other elements to it (doesn't matter if I start with blank sheet or I need to edit drawings from other software).
    The thing I'm talking about is associating blocks/mlines/pl/lines on other lines/plines - like inserting blocks on intersection of lines, or inserting blocks on midpoint of each segment.
    I suggest you to check Revit's 2D functionality where with few clicks its possible to draw fast enough without pretending to be an autocad ninja. (using picklines, trimextend (revit's version), etc..)

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