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Thread: Wall Attachment

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    Default Wall Attachment

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    Hi TZ and the rest,

    Please help me solve this puzzle.

    On the floor plan attached, I am making a drum wall attached to the main wall. The problem is I can't seem to get the result as shown on the far right.

    When I moved the short thin vertical wall up, the thick perpendicular walls kept on "unmitering" and the thin wall insists on attaching to the core of the thick wall, not to the face of the right horizontal wall as I intend it to be. Thanks.
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    O'Huggin, I'm an MEP background so my architectural knowledge is limited. If you don't get any answers, you may want to jump over to RevitForum.org for your inquiries. It is loaded with architects and architectural designers whom could better assist you.

    Tannar Z. Frampton ™ | Frampton & Associates, Inc.

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