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    wow , my eyes are getting tired pfff... where to begin...

    Guess you're still trying to devellop your own programming style ;-)

    Couple of things a first glance

    a lot of variables are not declared in your main defun like inifile1 etc. This means even after your app has ended their values are still in the memory. If this is your intend , ok , if not just put them with the rest of your variables right after the defun xxxxx ( / ...
    That way you don't have to set them to nil each time.

    Same for lcp4list02cq7jtq. I suspect when you run your app twice , the list gets longer each time? Just put all your variables in 'the bucket' as mentioned above. Sure there is more to be said but it was a long day for me , so will have a second look later but first declare all your variables properly is my advice at this time. Maybe someone is awake to help you further right now , but it's bedtime for me (yawn...)

    Gr. Rlx

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    Sorry Rlx to bother you at this time.
    I figured it out the lcp4list02cq7jtq and variables where messed up.
    Works now better. Thanks for helping me out.

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