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    Question Can I lock the MText box size? Fit MText?

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    I have a text box containing mText with fields. I have drawn up the multiline box I want to have the text in, problem is that when the fields change the text gets longer and therefor makes the box bigger leading to my text no longer staying within the size its supposed to. Is there a way to fit mtext? Force it to stay within the set border and if more rows than fit are added, shrink the text?

    Thank you!

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    I am wondering if setting the Column settings to a fixed width would help.
    Even if you don't need multiple columns you can simply drag the length of the first column down to give it more room.

    Select the MTEXT and in the Properties palette, click the dialog icon to the right of Columns in order to show the "Column Settings" dialog box.
    Set it to "Static" and then set the column width as shown below.


    Columns settings in properties palette.jpgColumn settings.jpg
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