I've got a bit of a problem.
I'd like to use the autocad mechanical structure to create two instances of the same assembly, one with hidden lines visible and another with hidden lines invisible. I'd like to do this using the AMSHIDE command (autocad mechanical structure hide situation). I want to use the same hide situation in both instances of the assembly (so the hide situation should be a child of the assembly).
If I turn off "Display hidden lines" in one instance of the hide situation, it turns hidden lines off in the other instance as well.
If I go to "property overrides" and uncheck hidden lines in the dialog window, I am able to (almost) get what I want. Hidden lines will be invisible except for hidden lines from a content library item (like a bolt or an I-beam). This doesn't seem right to me.
Has anyone else observed this behavior?
Is there a way to get one instance of an assembly to show hidden lines and one to not show hidden lines, without defining two separate hide situations?

hidden line test.dwg
Hidden line screenshot.png
Browser Screenshot 1.jpg
Browser Screenshot 2.png