Hi Folks
I am working on a project (in Inventor and using assembly) that requires me to constrain to or join to a surface profile that consists of two intersecting arcs, which have been extruded.
I am trying to use the tangent constraint to attach a follower to the external edge of a figure of 8. I have drawn and extruded the figure of 8 into a solid using intersecting circles, arcs and lines joined with tangents. However, when I drive the parts, the follower deviates from the outer profile at the tangent points and follows the predicted path of the arc on which it was started, rather than moving onto the next arc.
I have experimented with an egg shape, and a disk cam profile, (created by using different size circles, joined by a line, from and to tangent points) but the follower still deviates from the outer profile at these tangent points.
Any ideas?