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    Default New layout reactor

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    I have problem with command reactor. I want to dress up (add some blok, put viewport in specific layer) all new layouts created by command „layout“ with option „New“ or the „plus“ icon in layout list panel. How can I find out the event (new layout) is occured? And how can I get reference to this new layout? Any ideas? Command ended reactor to command "LAYOUT" fires everytime even the new layout is not created.

    Thanks for help and I'am sorry for my english


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    To reduce the number of times the callback function is evaluated, you could alternatively use a vlr-miscellaneous-reactor with a callback function evaluated on the :vlr-layoutswitched event. This event passes the layout name as an argument to the callback function which you can use to retrieve the appropriate Layout object from the Layouts collection.
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    If you want to stick with a command reactor you can compare the new (layoutlist) against the stored previous version to determine if a new layout has been created.
    As an alternative I would first look at using the :vlr-objectappended event of the vlr-acdb-reactor.
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