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    OK, sorry, strike what I just said. I'm still having issues. Here's a photo album of what's happening.

    This is where I begin, with a plan view of some wireframe geometry, which I have isolated. Nothing crazy. You can see how I've moved the UCS to one of the corners of the wall:

    This is me starting the FLATSHOT command:

    Command complete, awaiting insertion point. You can see how the new block is nowhere to be found:

    Because I used REGEN before I started FLATSHOT, I can only zoom out so far. The new block is still nowhere:

    I had to place the block first, and then zoom wayyyy out to be able to find it. You can see how far away it ended up:

    So... yeah. No idea why AUTOCAD would pick that point that far away from the crosshair. I have got to be missing something super simple.
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    I was doing some experimentation and maybe have a better answer for you. I was able to create the same scenario you were seeing and then fixed it with a command I didn't know existed, REGEN3. So make sure there are no objects a long way from your model and then run the REGEN3 command and then try again. See help for an explanation of that command.
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    Thanks rkent, the online help for REGEN3 is a little confusing so I'll have to toy with this for a while. It's a pretty weird issue, though, right?

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