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Thread: ATTDEF tags

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    Default ATTDEF tags

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    I have a 3D model of a timber frame with many different blocks and I am trying to number each member, so I can see the numbering on each side of a member as I orbit the model. Ideally, an 8 inch square post should have the same number on each of the 4 sides, so I can see the connections with other members, say braces or beams.

    My solution to this was to create a numbering block with an ATTDEF tag that I insert for each frame member. The block should contain 4 copies of the same number and that's where I run into problems. The copies of the same ATTDEF tag requires 4 prompts for the same number.

    So the question is, is there a field corresponding to an ATTDEF tag? How can I define a member number prompt once and have it duplicated 4 times in TEXT or equivalent?


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    I saw something similar to what your taking about but for the life of me I can't remember where I saw or read about it. But I think it was a function where you could place a call out tag on each part you made. I think it was a piece of design software that Bombardier was using to develop structural members for it's Lear Jets. Top notch stuff but I only got a glimpse at it. Not sure if AutoCAD can do the same thing maybe inventor is worth looking at.

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