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    Default Level's Plane View Types dont list all categories

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    im totally new to Revit 2017,

    when adding levels, in the Plane View Types list, i cant see categories like Floor Planes,Cilling Planes, the only category is Structural Planes.

    why is that?


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    Did you mean to type "Plans" instead of "Planes"? I'm assuming "Plans" as in Plan Views.

    Are you adding a Level Datum, or are you trying to add a Plan View from a Level? I cannot exactly understand which one you're meaning. What I think you're doing is clicking "Edit Type" in a Structural Plan View, which would explain why you're not seeing any options other than Structural Plan. If you go to the View Ribbon Tab > Create Panel > Plan Views dropdown, you can then create all the Plan View types in Revit.

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