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Thread: Y dynamic block

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    Default Y dynamic block

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    hello Guys,

    Can you check my dynamic blocks please:
    the version 1 works perfectly. I would like to have the version 2 the same. but I make something totaly wrong way. It is not working for me.
    How can be between the two legs 46 deg always (it is 90 deg in the version 1)?

    Thank you for your help!

    Y dynamic blocks.dwg

    version 1.jpg

    version 2.jpg

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    If you look at the small flat rectangle seperating the "Y" and was to rotate the arms to a different angle I dont think you can auto clean up the arc's, some one good at dynamic blocks will correct me. Not sure about what the shape is but you could create the object from scratch using lisp. If the angle is always some set values rather than random it may be easier to create multiple blocks with the correct angles and still have the dynamic features for length etc..
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