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    Default Cloud rendering (RENDERONLINE) nested block material issues

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    Hi Guys

    I have been using cloud rendering from AutoCAD since the feature was released and reproting bugs to the development team along the way.

    One of of the most fundamental issues i have encountered is the loss of materials from blocks when nested inside xrefs.

    Heres my model set up:
    I have a model of my home that i use to test the rendering capabilities at each new release, Each room in the house is a separate drawing all xref'd together into a drawing containing only cameras/lights and a geographic location. Inside each of the rooms i have blocks for various pieces of decor/furniture etc.

    The problem is, the translation engine is not passing the information to the cloud correctly resulting in missing materials.

    Here's a draft render (low quality freebie) showing a picture frame which is missing its picture:

    Rendering the objects from within the block is fine:

    Anyone else running into this issue, who have a workaround (without having to explode all my blocks in my model)?
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