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how to know what unit of measurement I'm using?

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Hi Dadgad, Please find attached image.


I composed a lengthy response yesterday, but when I tried to send it, the site was down.

It looks like the tiles in your drawing are meant to be 80cm x 80cm.


Measure the length of one of the tiles using your osnaps, then scale it accordingly, so that with your -dwgunits set to mms, it measures 800mm.

Did you ever try running the -DWGUNITS command, as I suggested in my earlier post?


It would be much easier to help you if you could upload part of this drawing (the .dwg file).

You can strip out the titleblock, and any proprietary information, and most of the drawing too,

if it is bigger than what is shown.

Once you do that it should be easy to resolve.

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I started reading this thread from page 1 and was thinking of a reply when I noticed the dates.


Holy thread necromancy, Batman!


Yeah, it was exhumed on the 8th of September, THIS year. :)


You might want to rethink your thread display preferences.

I have mine set so that the newest display at the top of the page. :beer:

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