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Revit for interior design?

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Hi all,


Currently I work for a small company that mainly does custom cabinetry and historic residence renovations.

Most of my work is done in 3d with Autocad, modelling cabinets, fitting them into floorplans, doing estimates, material ordering and making CD's.

I like Autocad, in fact there's nothing I like more at work than being in the office and modelling projects. The problem is making changes quickly.

Typically because we are a fully custom company (and our clients usually have more money than they know what to do with) the design process is long with many changes. ("No, put that wall here...or maybe here, with that cabinet but narrower and the grey countertop?")


You get the idea.


If there's just enough small changes to make, especially scaling, then a new model gets made which can be time consuming. This is obviously not the most efficient approach, so I'm looking into options. Our company is committed to producing 3d models and renders for clients.


Now to my question:

I have no problem learning new software, none. I just need to know if Revit can be a good fit for this company.

This is how I want to work: design custom cabinets with easy parametric changeability and throw them into a sometimes rapidly evolving floorplan, get quick material takeoffs from the model for estimates and ordering, produce quick renders and CD's when the time comes.


The most important thing is that custom components can be easily modeled, easily changed, and floorplans can be easily made and changed all in 3d.


Maybe Revit is overkill right now, but the boss is willing to make the right investment in the future of his company.


Thanks for your help!

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