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How long should a video tutorial be?


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I've just completed another video tutorial in the Basic 3D series covering the Primitives. It weighs in at just over 15 minutes but is reasonably comprehensive. Do you think this is too long? Should it be broken into bite-sized chunks? Or, if people are really serious about learning, does this really matter? Should I be catering for the 3 minute attention span culture?


Just curious. :)

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The advantage of shorter chunks is being able to revisit parts without waiting for the whole thing to reload


I'd vote for suitable breaks into 2 or 3 sections, just for useability

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My personal opinion, 3-4 minutes. Anything beyond that I usually start skipping through when I view an online tutorial, unless of course it's a VERY detailed tutorial on something that does take a bit more time, such as very specific AutoCAD MEP stuff I've watched.

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Maybe you could have the comprehensive version and individual tutorials for each shape.


I thought the full version flowed nicely and did not seem to be 15 min long. Nice job.

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no time to view the video but nothing is too long for a video in my book. presentations shouldn't last more than 3 minutes max and even that is stretching it.


I'd rather watch a hour long video that's very detailed and to the point not skipping anything than watch something to show of the skill of the author or just to show a glance at the topics covered


with a longer video it could be useful to break it in chunks by sub topics, or to pause a tutorial with a sub topic screen, and supply a content list if it's in one file (included in the video perhaps at the start - time frames etc) for better and easier followup


although those interested in the vid will definitely pay close attention, those not, are not the desired audience anyway

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