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cadTutor ROCKS!


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well, i haven't been skulking around here long enough to have anything really constructive to say. but we really appreciate that this forum provides us rookies with w/a unique opportunity to interact & learn from some seasoned pros. i'm a little over my head here & your guys have really saved my Ass! thanks much for putting together such a great site!


oh, yeah-- the really cool thing is that today as i attempted to clearly articulate my latest aCAD conundrum, i figured it out! So, just the process of trying to explain our little crisis du jour is an education in itself. glad you guys are here. thx again.

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Thanks for the kind words. It's really good to know the site is appreciated.


Very appreciated, can't pass a day without a visit!

Pick up a little each time I open favorites, cadtutor.net!


Thanks to all! 8)

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I havent really expressed my gratitude for this site...

Many Many Thanks CADTutor for this.

Ive almost practically written a small book based out of this site, about set-ups, techniques, most common problems... etc- all of it learned from day to day visits here. hence its my turn to at least try to give something back.



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