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sorry me again_cad & illus

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hi guys ive just recently imported a drawing from autoCAD into adobe illustrator, all the lines in autoCAD are poly lines (which means the shapes are one continues line), now usually this means there a single path in illustrator also(and they fill with colors etc), but for some reason when i place this file in illustrator the polylines are broken up into thier segments, and thus cant be filled with color.


does anyone know a solution


cheers nmx


ive tried saving the cad drawing with the 'cad 2000 lite option but still to no avail im using AutoCAD 2005

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It sounds more like an Illustrator problem than an AutoCAD problem. Have you checked within an Adobe Illustrator forum for a possible answer?

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it would be a difference between illustrator and autocad, illustrator is vector based, paths are all vecotrs, learn the pen tool.

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