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part in assembly, cannot balloon in drawing

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JD Mather

I didn't take the time to figure out the problem as the part cannot work anyhow. First sketch is not constrained - you might want to read this document - http://home.pct.edu/~jmather/AU2006/MA13-3%20Mather.pdf


...and classic beginner mistake you have a 60mm hole for a 60mm thread. That can't work. There will be no material for the thread. Look up tap drill size for the thread. I always teach to use the Hole tool with Threaded option to avoid this mistake.

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Thanks for bringing up the problems with the model itself, however, I did not create this part. It was downloaded from SKF Bearing website server. The guys there should read your tutorials :) You do bring up a good point with the M60 thread.


I did not pick this up either as I didn't even bother having a look at how their features were created. It's a standard off-the-shelf item that I want to use in my drawing for representation puposes only.


With regards to my original question as to why you can't balloon in a drawing when inserted into an assembly - well I figured it out. It is because the part is phantom, and not normal. This can be seen and changed in the BOM structure. When normal, all is good with ballooning and part appearing in parts list.


Kind regards,


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JD Mather
It was downloaded from SKF Bearing website server.


Guess I shouldn't have busted your chops on that one - I didn't think it looked like your work.


Good you figured it out.

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Caroline Cova



I found a solution to my problem which is pretty much the same. I`m not able to place a balloon in only one of the parts which seams to be perfect in the BOM. 

To me is something related to the hidden edges, when I turn on the hidden edges Inventor allows to place balloon if I turn them off then it is not possible anymore. 
It is a kind of a bug. 😑


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