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Attribute vs existing block

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Here is another issue giving me trouble.


How do I add an Attribute to an existing block?


I have a drawing title that I want to replace the title text and sheet number text with an Attribute.


What steps are involved?

Are these two separate Attributes?

Do I have to use a block editor?


Even better is there a good tutorial that shows how this is accomplished?



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if the title is a drawing in its own right you need to replace some of the text with attributes. Use the ATTDEF command to create the new attributes.


You can then INSERT your modified file into your drawings. If you alreadt have an instance of the block in your drawing agree to the redefine question. You may need to ATTSYNC your block afterwards to gt the attributes to show up.


If you are trying to modify a block already in your drawing you can either WBLOCK it out and continue as above or use the BEDIT command and add the attributes there - still using ATTDEF

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How do I keep the Attribute test uppercase? It's all lowercase now. Do I have to use the shift key or caps lock when typing text? I hope not. I want it to be mtext so it's always uppercase.



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