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Running Map3D under a Limited User Account in Windows XP

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Hello everyone,


I am a project manager/engineer for a company that performs OSP Design for telco companies. Currently, we are using Autodesk Map3D in conjunction with a proprietary program, OptiNT, to draft and post our work.


It has become necessary to limit my employees' ability to download and install programs on their PC's. We would like to set up a "limited" user account on each PC, to protect from malware and illegal downloads. However, we are experiencing difficulties with running Map3D/OptiNT. A contact at our client company seems to think that Map3D will not work under a limited user account, can anyone confirm or deny this?


I will also post this in the beginners forum, mods, feel free to delete whichever one doesn't fit.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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