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Autocad Mep Vs Cadduct

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Can anyone tell me what to buy and which is the better and easiest to use, I'm a HVAC draughtsman (Consultants) looking for a new 3d design package to go to, what i can see from the discussions is that CADDUCT is better and easier than Autocad MEP (Library, training, Bill of quantities etc.), any advice? I don't want to waste my workplaces money because i just started here.




Cad Duct is very easy to operate and requires less time to understand and do the project settings.

Large projects can be easily handle by using Cad Duct softwares.

The drawing production is aldo very fast.

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Wow, tough day?


Not sure who you were replying to, but, to say to anybody on here who chooses to offer there opinion, that they obviously have no idea what they are talking about is incredibly arrogant and disrespectful, regardless of their views. The world has moved on a fair bit since 2 years ago when many of these opinions were formed.

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hye... let me Share DUCT2K for HVAC Design (2D) Drawing... suit run on AutoCAD2007 & AutoCAD2008, certain part such as Exhaust Diffuser got some error, by the way we can use Return Diffuser as replaced functionality. the method to add this menu, i have show it in screen cast. this menu is using in Malay Language (Bahasa Melayu). hopefully u all enjoy to apply it...




abbr :-


1) Diffuser Bekal : Supply Diffuser


2) Diffuser Sedut : Return Diffuser


3) Diffuser Ekzos : Exhaust Diffuser (some error)


4) Jana : Generate (layout drawing, shall be generate to apply this menu as function)


5) Garispandu : Guideline (this line is guiding to determine draft/draw the duct, the guideline shall be straight as axis-x & axis-y to ensure this DUCT2K menu is functioning)


p/s : others function, let explore by yourself. enjoy it...

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