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Viewport issues

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I am creating various viewports and in some of the viewports I freeze some of the objects for better clarity. The problem we are having is when we save and end the drawing and then go back in it all the layers in said viewport are back on and the user has to freeze objects again. Is there a way, or system variable to keep the viewport like we want it to look?



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if the objects you are freezing are part of x-ref layers, check 'visretain' value. it should be 1 to retain the changes.



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Type:IntegerSaved in:DrawingInitial value:1

Controls the properties of xref-dependent layers. Controls visibility, color, linetype, lineweight, and plot styles.


The layer table, as stored in the reference drawing (xref), takes precedence. Changes made to xref-dependent layers in the current drawing are valid in the current session only and are not saved with the drawing. When the current drawing is reopened, the layer table is reloaded from the reference drawing and the current drawing reflects those settings. The layer settings affected are On, Off, Freeze, Thaw, Color, Ltype, LWeight, and PStyle (available only in named-plot style drawings).


Xref-dependent layer changes made in the current drawing take precedence. Layer settings are saved with the current drawing's layer table and persist from session to session.

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