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hi, I'm working on a program that should make some work at the office run autonomous. People will be able to ask for drawings and get a general idea of the price of their product.


To let it all go automatic I used the AutoEdit() command. So when I now open the drawing it updates everything makes the drawing fit the screen, pauses the program (so the drawing has time to adjust), and prints it as a pdf.


so after the update this is the code:


'change zoom



'pause the program

Dim Finish As Single

Finish = Timer + 5


Do Until Timer >= Finish



'create pdf



The programs runs great and everything works. BUT, since everything must go automatically I don't want to press the drawing. when user click send on the online form the drawing must do everything by itself. To do so I've made a VB program which does this:


'open inventor

Dim InvTmp As Inventor.Application

InvTmp = CType(CreateObject("Inventor.Application"), Inventor.Application)


'open the document

InvTmp.Documents.Open("C:\Users\Wouter\Desktop\T&A\My Dropbox\knowledge base\Fase 3\html to inventor\nozzle.ipt", True)


And for some reason this goes wrong. when the document is open and starts the AutoEdit(), VBA tells me that Timer has an runtime-6 error overflow.


I can't find the source of this. everthing works when I click the drawing but I can't get it automated because of this. I can't drop the pause cause else the zoom wouldn't be changed by the time the printing starts (with a half drawing as a result)


any ideas about how to fix this?

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